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Tatty Macleod - A work in Progress


Tatty Macleod - A work in Progress

Cabaret Voltaire

36-38 Blair Street
The Long Room: AUG 13-21 at 19:30 (45 min) - Pay What You Can

Tatty Macleod - A work in Progress

“Where are you from?” Issue of British parents, born in Zimbabwe, raised in France and now living in London, this is a question that bilingual comedian Tatty Macleod has been asked and has asked herself a lot. In this work in progress show, she pokes fun at both sides of herself as she observes the cultural differences between France and England. Does knowing the difference between a crepe and a galette make you French? Does eating Baked Beans and watching Coronation Street make you English? Or is your ability to correctly pronounce Poitou-Charentes sufficient evidence of Frenchness? She shares her own experience of being a Roast-Beef in France and a Frog in England as she tries to get to the bottom of what makes us French and what makes us English.

Tatty Macleod is a French/English bilingual stand-up comedian, actor and writer. She has gained a huge online following thanks to her extremely popular French vs English sketches which have amassed over 37 million views across Instagram and TikTok.

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