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Gerry Carroll- Crock OR Gold


Gerry Carroll- Crock OR Gold

The City Café

19 Blair Street
Hollywood: AUG 1-25 at 22:50 (60 min) - Free

Gerry Carroll- Crock OR Gold

Gerry’s third solo show is about fun, awkwardness, joy and leprechauns. It’ll make you laugh, most of the time, even if you can’t quite describe what happened.

It’s a mixture of stand-up, clown and an occasional poignant moment. He’ll bribe you with Haribo. There are a couple of songs, and the show is based on a look at Gerry’s life. He’s 66, but his comedy is ageless, and it appeals to all ages.

Gerry did this show at Brighton Fringe in May. It’s an energetic, lively and funny hour. And it’s aimed at sending people out feeling good. You’ll have a really good hearty laugh, but also feel better and maybe think a little.

You’ll see a partial striptease, in a very slow rhythm due to Gerry’s age, as part of the story- namely that he bought some stripper trousers and now he has to use them. Gerry will share the certificates he has that permit him to do things, including his Medical Exemption Certificate- Hungry that allows him to eat his own banana in the venue (This is not a euphemism).

He also has a third class honours degree in Latin and English, which qualifies him to (mis-)quote Shakespeare and to write bad poetry.

He demonstrates awkwardness in the Back-pack Number, where the poor chap can’t successfully remove and open the back-pack. He also goes back to his Irish roots in relation to a leprechaun, with the idea that every Irish person is issued with a personal leprechaun at birth.

But the Crock in the title of the show is not the kind of crock of gold that a leprechaun has-it’s about an old crock in the sense of a clapped out car. And you can decide whether he’s a Crock, or Gold.

Gerry’s been doing comedy for five years, and appears regularly in clown and comedy shows in London.

He was Angel of the Month once, a long time ago.