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Well, That Was Weird...


Well, That Was Weird...

Bier Keller, Picardy Place

14 Picardy Place
Courtside: AUG 1-25 at 12:30 (60 min) - Free

Well, That Was Weird...

A comedy show for those who are sick of the mainstream. Forget Trump gags, Tinder references or cheesy punchlines. At Well, That Was Weird... we are celebrating an eclectic showcase of the Fringe's most alternative acts, performing inventive comedy deemed too bizarre for normal shows. There will be improv, music, theatre, spoken word, stand-up, and some stuff so out there you won't even know what to call it, all under the absurd umbrella of comedy.

Some recent performers include naked cream-cake opera, LOLbot the robot comedian, a homicidal TED talk, a comedian heckling himself and darth vader playing the flute. So, sit back and enjoy the strange!

Hosted by comedy vagabond Shawn Jay and master of weird Ori Halevy.