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Mista Lorraine


Mista Lorraine

Bier Keller, Picardy Place

14 Picardy Place
Courtside: AUG 1-25 at 13:45 (60 min) - Free

Mista Lorraine

Some people choose their alter ego, as for Mista Lorraine it chose her.

Lorraine invites you to see the funny side of being a woman with a deep voice in her standup show Mista Lorraine. Customer services representatives go all out to protect Lorraine from herself even demanding to speak to the ‘real’ Lorraine. Accusations of being a fraud and being denied access to certain services are just some of the situations Lorraine faces daily when conducting business over the phone. She has been brought to tears but now it's time to laugh about it. Even a call to emergency services is not as straightforward. In this show, Lorraine also decides to use her voice to address issues which are close to her heart, like Brexit and parenting. Surely there must be some advantages to being a woman with a deep voice; you will find out during the show!

Having endured decades of humiliation and ridicule because of her deep voice, Lorraine Chademunhu decided to turn her experiences into the comedy act Mr Lorraine. Lorraine has had previous experience performing as a rapper and a spoken word artist helped propel her onto the comedy stage.

What she feels separates her from other acts is the honesty involved in addressing some misconceptions.

This stand-up show might leave you with a different perspective about your own personal struggles.

‘Lorraine had audience members eating out of the palm of her hand’ Tedx Kingston 2018

Comedy Bloomers LGBTQ+ New Comedian of the Year 2019 Semi Finalist

‘Best stand-up set I've seen for AGES. Fresh, inspiring, unexpected and *very* funny!’ Audience Review

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