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Es Are Good


Es Are Good

The Golf Tavern

30-31 Wright’s Houses (Next to Bruntsfield Links)
Upstairs: AUG 1-14 at 16:45 (60 min) - Free

Es Are Good

If you’re looking for unbridled enthusiasm, thwarted by the prospect of middle age, this is the show for you.

Eleri’s half of the show will be like a Ted-Talk if humanity hated itself. She will lecture you about the art of being a phenomenally basic millennial. Learn how deal with heartbreak, peer pressure, zero hour contracts and what to do with asthmatic dogs purchased from a drug dealer in exchange for an Iceland frozen pizza.

“A force of nature and a full throttled Idiot” Logan Murray.

Esyllt will provide balance and proceed to explain how everything beyond the daily grind is a distraction to keep the general populace happy until we all die. This will inevitably include gripes with the parish council and her sexual pet peeves. Esyllt wanted to be one of those comics who has something profound to say - a voice for her generation - instead, it turns out that her key audience is the residents of Midsomer (Murders).

Of Esyllt, comedian Tudur Owen said: "Incisevily smart and effortlessly funny. She’s burst on to the stand up scene like a Welsh warrior comedy queen!"