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Tiziano La Bella: Yes We Can't


Tiziano La Bella: Yes We Can't

The Golf Tavern

30-31 Wright’s Houses (Next to Bruntsfield Links)
Upstairs: AUG 12-25 at 20:30 (60 min) - Free

Tiziano La Bella: Yes We Can't


Tiziano La Bella's show is very interactive, especially the first part where he makes the crowd the main part of the act.

The topics he talks about are several and well distinguished: his catholic childhood, the incoherence of the Italian fascists, the difficulties of being an immigrant in England...

He grew up among people who always believed to be prepared to face the society and its obstacles, in spite of the fact they could only speak their own language and mind their own business. People who think they can do anything, but actually can't. These are the reasons why the name of his show could only be "Yes We Can't".

Tiziano usually starts from a personal thought of his own life experience to then move the attention on common situations in our society. He offers his surreal point of view to his listeners who get the chance to laugh with him or to beat him up right after show.

He loves to touch the nerves of the audience, in order to get it involved and to generate a reaction, which is usually a cathartic laughter.