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Loud Blond Bald Kid


Loud Blond Bald Kid

Bar 50

Within SafeStay Edinburgh Hostel, 50 Blackfriars Street
Marquee: AUG 1-12, 14-25 at 13:45 (60 min) - Free

Loud Blond Bald Kid

First kisses, weird hairs, the cool group: navigating adolescence was a challenge for everyone. These painfully hilarious stories of growing up will make you feel thankful you never have to go back – and surprised to realise we all actually made it out OK. Hailed as a dynamic heartfelt storyteller this is Kevin James Doyle's follow up to The 30 Year Old Virgin which was called brutally honest and wildly funny. Best Comedy, FRIGID Festival NYC.

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August 18, 2019    Broadway Baby

You can never be entirely sure if the material a comedian is sharing is true, based in truth, or completely fabricated. Of course we want to believe that it’s all gospel truth. New York based Kevin James Doyle had a wholesome upbringing, as a teenager he went to church camp, attended theatre camp and, during this time kept a journal of his escapades. In an amiable storytelling style he reads aloud passages from his teen diary, as if preaching the truths of his youth. Doyle digs deep into his past to rake up memories he presumably once tried to suppress; the adolescent embarrassment of a female doctor being the first woman to fondle his testicles, the crushing diagnosis of male pattern baldness at the tender age of 14 and how masturbating with your pals to Kate Winslet in Titanic can create a unique bond between friends. And, indeed, a stand up and his crowd… don’t worry, Kevin, your secret’s safe with us.

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Loud Blond Bald Kid