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Sets in the City - Free


Sets in the City - Free

The Place

34-38 York Place
The Baird: AUG 11-18 at 15:00 (60 min) - Free

Sets in the City - Free

Hey, you! Don't watch that! Watch this!

The Sheffield Revue Presents....

Sets in the City

A brand new show from some comedians you don't know!

Guaranteed to make you laugh, or absolutely none of your money back*!

Join The Sheffield Revue for an hour of what is sure to be an eclectic and rib-tickling mix of stand up comedy!

Come along and see a different set of hilarious stand-ups a night, all accompanied by one of our fantastic MCs who will pump you all so full of soul you’ll be bursting and ready for a toilet break!

Some old reviews:

“Refreshing and enjoyable. A great deal of comic talent is exhibited, just waiting to be discovered.”

**** Three Weeks Edinburgh

"Succeeds in producing something unique [...] and the hit-rate is staggering.”

**** views from the gods

"[T]he show was aggravatingly misjudged."

** BroadwayBaby

*Free show.

Funded by the Sheffield Alumni Foundation.