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What Are You Wearing?


What Are You Wearing?

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34-38 York Place
The Baird: AUG 19-25 at 20:00 (60 min) - Free

What Are You Wearing?

"What Are You Wearing?" tells the story of two women. Sarah has just come out of a long term on-off relationship and has not had to date for over ten years. From Tinder to Twitter and from selfies to dick pics, Sarah is thrust into 21st century dating and has no idea what to do. Her long suffering friend Mel however is a serial dater but is yet to find a man. Through a series of horrific dates we see the pressures women have to contend with on a daily basis, how modern dating comes with more expectations than ever before and how appearances aren’t everything and you should never judge a book by it’s cover. With two single female cast members, "What Are You Wearing?" sheds a unique light on the challenges and prejudices women face in a modern dating environment.

The Courtyard Players was formed in 2015 by the coming together of working class actors who wanted to bring socially important and relevant productions to a wider audience; one of the main reasons for the establishment of this group was the lack of opportunities and funding for the type of drama we as a group wanted to write, stage and perform in. When writing, our mantra has always been “Make them think, and if you can make them laugh along the way, then even better”.

"What Are You Wearing?" sheds light on the struggles women face on daily basis that come with 21st century dating in a male dominated world. With the “Me Too” movement gaining ever more publicity and women’s rights at the forefront of social conversations, we feel this is the right time to introduce a production based on the female perspective of dating to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and hopefully beyond.