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Louise Atkinson: Sounds Good, Looks a Mess


Louise Atkinson: Sounds Good, Looks a Mess

The City Café

19 Blair Street
Nineties: AUG 2-13, 15-25 at 15:40 (40 min) - Free

Louise Atkinson: Sounds Good, Looks a Mess

“Sounds good, looks a mess” was a review Louise received last year and something she cannot seem to get out of her head. It seems stuck in her vast amounts of curly hair, along with 4 hairbrushes, 2 pen lids and a barely licked chubba chup lolly.

As a gravy stained, proud, northern lass, Louise is desperately trying to work out what everyone’s problem is with her general appearance. From dating to comedy, nights out to interviews, Louise tries to explore if her general appearance has actually had a direct effect on her, or if the problem is just in everyone else's heads.

Described as having “a strong flavour of Victoria Wood” (Bruce Dessau) and the ability to “breathe life into her story with a keen eye for detail” (Steve Bennett), Louise has quickly established herself as a must-see act on the comedy circuit. Each anecdote as crowd pleasing as the last. Coming from sharing the stage with Jack Whitehall and Josh Widdicombe, she's an exciting new act.