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Fantastic Flatulence and Where to Find It


Fantastic Flatulence and Where to Find It

The Free Sisters

139 Cowgate
Maggie's Chamber: AUG 1-25 at 15:15 (60 min) - Free

Fantastic Flatulence and Where to Find It

Award-winning Scottish author Stuart Reid launches his 8th book at the Edinburgh Festival in 2019 with an exploration of eggy explosions, big bottom burps and his fear of farts. He even has a fear of saying fart.

How do astronauts fart in their space suits? And where does it go? Do their suits inflate? Do aliens fart? Not that it matters because in space, no one can hear you fart!

There will be bums, bogies, books and more big bottom burps with more stunning stories from the madcap world of Gorgeous George, Grandpa Jock and Crayon Kenny.

Warning no.1 - there may be snot!

Warning no.2 - audience members have been known to wet themselves laughing - be prepared.

Warning no.3 - the author wears a kilt, he's getting old and accidents have been known to happen!