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Jimmy McGhie BA (Hons)


Jimmy McGhie BA (Hons)

The Pear Tree

38 West Nicolson Street
Pear Tree Indoor Stage: AUG 2-4, 6-11, 13-18, 20-24 at 17:20 (60 min) - Free

Jimmy McGhie BA (Hons)

Jimmy McGhie's ninth Edinburgh solo show is a revamp of last year's critically acclaimed Need(y), which was essentially a lot of sprightly whinging and polished existential angst. He only started writing it in June and it got 4 stars in the Scotsman, now it's even better!

What do you do with a second class arts degree? Have a lot of fun, travel the world and end up living in your sister's attic. An analogue man in a digital world, marooned as a bachelor amongst a sea of marriages, mortgages and kids. Jimmy continues to steer clear of anything too serious in life and tries not to step on any millennial language landlines.

"a lot of skill spent making it look casual, if you like a good laugh in a comfy chair, it would be hard to find a better opportunity on the Fringe. " **** The Scotsman

News and Reviews for this Show

August 19, 2019    Chortle

I didn’t see last year’s show form Jimmy McGhie, but this is apparently a re-vamp. And a good one too.

The strength is that it’s personal and unsparing, with laughs coming from his storytelling and his ability to handle any audience.

On a sunny weekday afternoon, there were a few sets of senior siblings, something like a works outing from a recruitment firm with the obligatory gobby woman in the front row, and two dimwits talking non-stop because they thought they were too cute to be told off. McGhie dealt with everyone with his customary charm tinged with a shot of acid so he didn’t look like a pushover.

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August 16, 2019   The Scotsman

Edinburgh Fringe 2019: 4 Great Free Fringe Shows

Jimmy McGhie is feeling a little lost – a single man on the cusp of 40, marooned in his sister's attic with a second class arts degree and a sea of married, mortgaged, career-focused contemporaries to look out on. A more serious man might despair. Fortunately, McGhie has an irrepressible talent for taking things lightly.

Taking his “Need(y)” show from earlier in the year as its blueprint, his Fringe show is a work in progress that is still in search of its final form. Fortunately, when the bits and pieces are as good as McGhie's you don't find yourself worrying too much about what he might one day make out of them.

Not while the jokes keep coming, at least. Click Here For Article

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August 14, 2019   The Scotsman

Edinburgh Fringe 2019: The Scotsman critics' best comedy shows to see this year

Jimmy McGhie, Laughing Horse @The Pear Tree, Until 24 August Click Here For Article

August 11, 2019    The Scotsman

McGhie's new show is delightful, even in its unfinished state.

This is his ninth Edinburgh hour and on this, first performance (Jimmy hasn’t done previews), it is still a bit sketchy as a whole. As individual bits, it is brilliant and the experience is a little like having a master chef talking you through the top quality ingredients he is using in tomorrow’s banquet. You get to look and sniff and feel the quality of the stuff, it just hasn’t been cooked into a ‘thing’ yet. Many people here call this ‘work in progress’ and charge quite a lot to watch. Jimmy just pulls back the curtain between his space and the bar and gives us what he’s got.

Car-crash dates and existential angst, his daddy issues and the effects of growing up in the very bowels of the patriarchy, niche porn, millenials and why bottling it up is the way to go, together with an ongoing bonding experience with our small but enthusiastic audience make for a satisfying hour with a comic who is supremely good at what he does, even when he is not doing very much.

Jimmy even nixes his bucket speech because he reckons it wouldn’t be right. And this is a man with a mid-life crisis to finance. McGhie is one of the few comics who come with my money-back guarantee... Click Here For Review