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Olaf Falafel Presents Knitting With Maracas


Olaf Falafel Presents Knitting With Maracas

The Pear Tree

38 West Nicolson Street
Pear Tree Indoor Stage: AUG 1-12, 14-25 at 14:50 (60 min) - Free

Olaf Falafel Presents Knitting With Maracas

Critically acclaimed idiot Olaf Falafel is back once again like a renegade master.

If you've been to any of his previous shows you'll know exactly what to expect - inventive jokes and stupid comedic leftfieldery all held together with the flimsiest of narrative structures.

"Absurdity so well-crafted that silly doesn't do it justice"

(Evening Standard).

‘A wonderful hour of professional silliness’ (List). ‘A barrage of absurdist humour and sharp one-liners’ (EdFringeReview.com).

‘Olaf Falafel is an idiot, and wouldn’t have it any other way’ (Steve Bennett, Chortle.co.uk).

‘Refreshingly odd’ (iNews.co.uk).

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August 22, 2019   i News

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I’m making a TV series about the different parts of my gas cooker – I’ve already filmed the pilot.
Olaf Falafel, Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree, 2.50pm Click Here For Article

Dave's Funniest Jokes Of The Fringe Revealed

August 19, 2019   Beyond the Joke

Dave's Funniest Jokes Of The Fringe Revealed

UKTV’s award-winning entertainment channel Dave has announced the winner of the twelfth annual Dave’s Funniest Joke of the Fringe award.

Swedish comedian Olaf Falafel’s one-liner about vegetable Tourette’s was voted the winner with: “I keep randomly shouting out 'Broccoli' and 'Cauliflower' - I think I might have Florets”. It was crowned the funniest of the Fringe with 41% of Brits voting it the top tickler, after it was nominated from his show Knitting With Maracas at Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree. Read a review of his Edinburgh Fringe show here.

With the goal of finding the wittiest one-liners, Dave recruited the help of an expert panel of ten judges, comprising the UK’s leading comedy critics. After touring and scouring hundreds of venues and shows at the renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe Festival, the panel submitted their favourite six jokes, listed without naming the comics behind each one, to a vote of 2,000 Brits to reveal the funniest.

Dave’s Top 10 Funniest Jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019:
1. I keep randomly shouting out 'Broccoli' and 'Cauliflower' - I think I might have Florets

Olaf Falafel Click Here For Article

August 19, 2019    Beyond the Joke

Swedish comedian Olaf Falafel has returned to the Fringe this year via outer space. At least I think that's why he emerges from a D-I-Y pod onstage to the theme from Kubrick's 2001. Or maybe he is just having a laugh. Or should that be having an Olaf?

This master of the idiot one liner joke can always be relied upon to tickle your funny bones. His latest show is packed with verbal gags, visual gags, prop-based gags, anything really that will deliver a harmless, largely smut-free giggle.

Some of the winning elements of his latest show revisit his last show, but with a 2019 twist. In 2018 he was able to predict people's personalities via their favourite biscuit. This time he does it via a particular type of food. Once again he gets audience members up onstage to help out during some of his skits, but it's all in the name of comic insanity, harmless fun and gratuitous sound effects. There is no awkwardness.

It does feel at times as if he is channeling Harry Hill – it's not just the childlike silliness of some quips, it's also the rhythms of the delivery – but that's no bad thing. He's definitely a lot more than a Harry Hill tribute act, Falafel also has a winning dryness to his absurdist humour and is maybe less vaudevillian.

If you like shows where a plastic toy duck on a hat represents a particular insult and you have to fish the duck off with a rod of destiny then this is the show for you. If you like puppets pretending to be famous musicians – shades of Vic and Bob here – then this is the show for you. And if you are wondering what MC Hammer's day job might be this is most definitely the show for you. Spaced out genius. Click Here For Review

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August 15, 2019   The Guardian

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Olaf Falafel: Actors who can cure my lisp? I’m pretty sure Anne Hathaway, but I’m going to ask Colin Firth. Click Here For Article

August 10, 2019    One4Review

We’re ostensibly on the ISS, crew who’ve been given the afternoon off by benevolent boss and front-row occupant ‘Patricia’. But this is a front, Mr Falafel confesses; he knows we’re not on the space station, he would just like to encourage us to be a bit silly, and return to being like children – like his nephew, who’s play inspired the title of the show (and makes for a lovely anecdote).

There are lots of different elements to the show – impressions, fromage-ology, magnificent bagpipes, interactions with a shopkeeper, shouting things vaguely obscene at the powerpoint – and they chain together to create a show which is gently whimsical and vaguely absurd. Mr Falafel is a natural on stage, with a gruff Rhod-Gilbert-esque melodious delivery bubbling with enthusiasm for the silly.

... Click Here For Review

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August 7, 2019   The Telegraph

The 30 funniest jokes and one-liners from the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe

Olaf Falafel: I'm addicted to smoking jackets – I'm on 20 a day – I've tried the patches but, if anything, they just make them more fashionable. Click Here For Article

August 5, 2019    Three Weeks

Olaf Falafel is a self-confessed idiot. He likes to milk an introduction, he likes a good whirl and he sweats buckets during this effervescent performance. It’s safe to say his shows are rammed with eccentric, absurdist behaviour, if a little predictable at times. ‘Knitting With Maracas’ doesn’t actually feature such a prop, but it is prop-heavy, which massively aids the Swedish comic’s stupendous exhibition of crowd interaction... Click Here For Review

August 4, 2019    The List

Ridiculous ride into family-friendly silliness

Olaf Falafel is back and as daft as ever. This year we're all on an international space station with the crowd good-naturedly playing along. The catering staff choose a cheese for the sandwiches, Patricia (possibly not his real name) on the front row is captain and there's an engineer in the second row.

But who would not get involved? This tall, endearing Swede sells his childlike nonsense to us with aplomb, plus his audience interaction is of the most gentle kind. In this early show of the run, the energy dips a touch halfway through but is soon cranked up again, with many big laugh-out-loud moments featuring cats and bagpipes while the human factory reset button is revealed.

It's a bonus that it's family-friendly, though as Falafel points out, the kids might struggle with the references to Phil Collins or MC Hammer (who is working in the art gallery), plus there's a cheeky interactive bit where they might learn a new phrase. Elsewhere there's the return of Biscuitology personality predictions in a cunning new form and the philosophy shopkeeper is on hand for some wise words. A magical ride into the ridiculous. Click Here For Review