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Borne Of Chaos


Borne Of Chaos

The Counting House

38 West Nicolson Street
The Ballroom: AUG 2-25 at 16:15 (60 min) - Free

Borne Of Chaos

Chapter One is an honest retelling of Eric Lampaert’s trials and tribulations from birth to near death, from womb to tomb, from homeless to Hollywood. This is a psychological odyssey through alternate realities & his battle against Anxiety, Depression & other demons from his past. This origin story can be enjoyed without needing to see the sequel.

News and Reviews for this Show

August 17, 2019    The List

A mainly dark occasionally amusing story of one comic's breakdown and fightback.

There are rarely any half-measures in Eric Lampaert's stand-up. He is a boundless, restless individual on stage and his body seems to work at the same frenetic pace as his mind. Sometimes, his mouth struggles to keep up with the words coming out of it, as he's desperate for an audience to know his ideas and humour as quickly as is humanly possible.

Borne of Chaos is quite the apt title as we discover fairy quickly; his parents were not a match made in anyone's idea of heaven, with his mother a passionate French woman and his dad an English jockey, making him the smallest person in the family (Lampaert jokes that, somewhat awkwardly, people have assumed that he was the husband of his mother). Having lived in seven countries before he was 12 could not have helped the young Eric, and his retelling of why he has a fear of dolls is certainly unsettling.

As amusing as his story can be, the tale is mainly driven by deep sadness. Lampaert's mental health has never been the best and he wonders whether the moment that he finally was institutionalised in his new home of the US was 'a breakdown or a breakthrough'. There's a nice twist at the very end, and Lampaert even throws in a spot of interpretive dance for a show that is defiantly not your run-of-the-mill bloke-with-a-mic business. Click Here For Review

August 11, 2019    Fest

Eric Lampaert presents a thoroughly gut-wrenching depiction of mental illness and its powerful effects.

Borne of Chaos is a bold, dramatic depiction of the genuine terror of mental health issues and the subsequent clarity that develops when these problems—temporarily or permanently—go away.

Eric Lampaert approaches the topic with admirable frankness. He candidly lays out the significant events from his childhood and adolescence that he believes contributed to his own mental health issues, and in doing so he opens himself up for dissection.

Aspects of the show are highly disturbing, with Lampaert able to contort his body and voice in the most sinister of ways. The comic’s horrifying physical manifestation of depression itself is something that will remain in the subconscious for a while.

But he flits between sinister theatrics and knob-gags frequently, and while the transition sometimes feels slightly strained, the smut feels like safe territory and we’re happy to get back to it.

Although a indulgent at times (with some of his dance routines, it isn't clear if he’s taking the piss or not), Borne of Chaos has huge theatrical value.

The show isn’t designed to be a smooth ride. It’s an artistic depiction of depression, anxiety and psychosis, and we shouldn’t find that comfortable. Ultimately, Borne of Chaos is about growth, developing understanding and forgiveness. It’s about owning your past experiences, trauma and mistakes, and seeing how you have grown from them. Click Here For Review

Three To See 2019: Storytellers

August 4, 2019   Three Weeks

Three To See 2019: Storytellers

Respected Fringe veteran – award winning, Lecoq-trained, all round human of brilliance Eric Lampaert – is the storyteller behind this show, and it’s his own, very personal story. This is a performance that walks the line between theatre and comedy, exploring hallucination, anxiety, depression, mental health hospitals and tales of escape, hypnotherapy, public shaming, near-death experiences and a constant drug-free state of Euphoria. “From the tomb of the womb to the womb of the tomb. From homeless to Hollywood. This is an honest retelling of Eric Lampaert’s trials and tribulations from birth to now and how he made it from the streets to cinema. Eric is finally a strong enough performer to share his story”. Click Here For Article