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Decree Absolute Vodka


Decree Absolute Vodka

The City Café

19 Blair Street
Hollywood: AUG 1-13, 15-25 at 12:50 (50 min) - Free

Decree Absolute Vodka

A personal stand-up show where comedian Sarah Iles talks you through the absolute vodka joys of being divorced in her early 30’s. She takes you through her hilarious journey of leaving her husband and having to move back in with her mother, trying to date again after 12 years out of the game and ultimately figuring out who the hell she is. This hilarious and poignant show will make you realise that when life hands you lemons, it’s all about Absolute Vodka.

“Left the room quaking with laughter… a deeply astute comedy story-teller” Voice magazine.

"Sarah Iles is an absolute treat to watch. Her self-deprecating humour is framed perfectly with her bubbly and endearing personality....Sarah Iles is just very, very funny" 4 stars, Bunberry Magazine.