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Happenchance | View Performers Biography


Venue:The Free Sisters, 139 Cowgate Edinburgh EH1 1JS
Phone: 0131 622 6802
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Gothic Room
AUG 20-26 at 15:45 (60 min)
Show Image

"You're funny, I'm funny. If we're still funny, maybe we're okay."

A love story. A comedy. Maybe neither.
Written & performed by Jacob Lovick and Vita Fox

Eva is a stand-up comedian. James is head-writer for hit Channel 6 sitcom ‘Flat Pancake’. Their relationship is hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, that it’s falling apart. And there’s nothing funny about that. Now Eva faces the gig of her life, and she and James are left with an ultimatum: sort everything out, or they’re done.
This is the show to “sort everything out”. Come and see them while they’re still together.

“Go see this play whenever and wherever it is performed.” BrumRadio
“an innovative and charming piece that guarantees the audience laughs and silliness.” Redbrick

Wings is a love story about comedy, and it's a comedy about love. If you like stand-up, improv, sketches, love stories or all four, then this is for you. This is all four. This is the most you’ll laugh while having your heart broken. Or vice versa.

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News and Reviews for this Show

February 4, 2018 Redbrick
Happenchance Theatre’s ‘Wings’ at the Old Joint Stock Theatre
Happenchance Theatre Company is a small body of actors, improvisers and comedians, extending their graduate days at the University of Birmingham together in their experimental theatre company based in Birmingham. Currently consisting of 12 members, and seeking to grow more, the young company are testing the waters with new spaces, genres and new twists every night in their performance. Nothing is ever done exactly the same way twice.

‘Wings’ is a charming short play injected with comedy, the subtleties of romance and just generally the intention to have a good night with the audience. Although smaller-budget, Happenchance utilise the bare minimum and the crucial aspect of audience attentiveness to unfold the story of two comedic writers in a relationship, Eva and James. The seamless two-man show/sketch toys with the boundaries of human vulnerability in the arts and using oneself or others as a muse for ridicule, yet the most progressive element of the play’s narrative are the peaks and troughs in the two comedians’ relationship, challenging gendered dynamics, humility and sacrifice, all within the confines of this hour-long comedy sketch.

What makes this short-play innovative and witty is the lack of distinction between the sketches the character Eva directed at her audience, and her intentional interaction with the present audience and James. At the beginning of the play, Eva’s breaking of the fourth wall to go into the tech box was hard to distinguish as either intentional or improvised, due to the nature of Vita Fox’s performance and the black box theatre; however, this may be part of the ambiguity and improvised nature of Happenchance that the audience learn to love. The unpredictability of the company and its production make Happenchance an exciting company to watch for future creations.

The proxemics of the Old Joint Stock Theatre’s auditorium, seating approximately 50 people, instantly creates an intimacy and relaxed dynamic between audience and actors. This stage set-up coincides perfectly with the improvised and relaxed nature of the comedy play, physically asking the audience to be patient and cooperative with whatever innovation the actors decide to pursue on the night. The comedic and touching relationship, portrayed with the bare minimum of a stand-up mic and a mock bottle of wine, is so charming and humble that one cannot help but smile at the slowly disintegrating yet hilarious relationship of James and Eva. There is a brief touching on the role of feminism and gender in comedy and the creative industry, which is very fitting to the narrative of a successful female comedian and the sensitivities of a male performer also. The highlighting of masculine vulnerability was a relevant social comment on our predominantly male comedic landscape today.

Happenchance, despite being new and slightly unpolished in the extent of their improvisation, have created an innovative and charming piece that guarantees the audience laughs and silliness, which is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered. Click Here

May 24, 2017 Brum Radio
Review of Wings at The Victoria
As much as I love spending all my time at Brum Radio, it’s occasionally refreshing to get out from behind the mixing desk* to soak up some of Birmingham’s culture, and on Tuesday the 15th of May I was able to do just that: I was invited to review a play performed by fledgling theatre company Happenchance Theatre: Wings

The play was staged upstairs at fine Birmingham venue The Victoria which provided for an intimate setting that enhanced the cramped feeling of two performers whose personal and professional lives were spilling over into each other.

The plot of the play went thus: James and Eva are two comedians with a reasonable degree of success who have found a chasm of different between their philosophies in the form of how much their personal lives should be shared with their audiences.
James is petrified Eva is sharing too much of their relationship on stage to the detriment of not only his social standing, but his career, while Eva has noticed her shows have been much better received and reviewed since she has started sharing details of her personal life, especially her relationship with James.
The fundamental disagreement between them provides the meat and drink of the plot as the two debate back and forth how much of their personal lives should be shared with an audience.

While the future doesn’t look bright for our protagonists on stage, the fun of the play is the fact that the plot is also just a device to service some spectacularly hilarious improvisation between the two performers. It seemed there was as much laughter on stage as in the audience as they tried to get each other to break character and burst into giggles, which was a delight to behold.
Even better was a scene were the audience were made to represent party guests and the performers ran around doling out wine in a need to keep their guests lubricated, ensuring I received 2 whole glasses of wine, which in no way should be seen as a bribe to ensure a good review.

The wine was adequate.

After the play, I was told this was the first full-length performance in front of an audience of Wings, but if that is true, it didn’t show. The actors, Jacob and Vita were naturally at home in the comedic moments but also showed real depth in the more emotional parts of the piece, and this will only become more apparent as they keep performing it.

Go see this play whenever and wherever it is performed. As good as they all are now, they’re only going to get better with experience. Click Here

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