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Sylvia Sceptre | View Performers Biography


Venue:Cabaret Voltaire, 36-38 Blair Street Edinburgh EH1 1QR
Phone: 0131 247 4704
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Long Room
AUG 2-26 at 12:15 (60 min)
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The merrily macabre Sylvia Sceptre presents Phantasmagorical, a show of spooky mindreading and Victorian Spirit Theatre. This is as close as you will get to experiencing the thrills of the Golden Age of Spiritualism. You will witness a supernatural spectacle of stories and magic, swirling with dark whimsy. Sylvia Sceptre, is a character devised by Careena Fenton. She blends storytelling, drama and magic ensuring this powerful piece of theatre resonates in the minds of the audience long after the performance is over.
“Timeless, elegant and beautifully Victorian. Brilliant!" - Reece Shearsmith (Inside number 9, League of Gentlemen).

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 21, 2018  Fringe Guru
This stylish, well-themed magic show taps into a particular strand of Victoriana: the fascination with clairvoyance and contact with the dead. Our host for the hour is Sylvia Sceptre – real name Careena Fenton – and it's never quite explained whether she's a medium, a spirit guide, or one of the deceased themselves. But whatever her role, she's a bright and capable character, filling the crypt-like performance space with both wit and conjuring skill.

The magic is well-worked, and at times genuinely befuddling; there's an emphasis on mind-reading, as befits the theme of seeing the world from the other side of the veil. Fenton is kind and generous with those she gets up on-stage, always understanding that it's her job to make her volunteers look good, and she has instant in-character responses to the minor distractions of a free-festival venue. A couple of the big set-piece tricks are really quite similar to each other, but there's enough of a twist in their presentation that I'll let that point pass by.

Some humour is provided by an invisible psychic cat – if you've got the imagination, Fenton's patter and performance will make you believe it's really there in the room – and there's a stonker of a prop hiding under an intriguingly-draped tablecloth. The background music's well-judged too, striking enough to set the atmosphere, but used sparingly enough that it doesn't become intrusive.

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August 19, 2018  Three Weeks
Miss Sylvia Sceptre’s creepy, macabre show explores Victorian mind-reading and spirit theatre in a merrily theatrical cabaret. Miss Sylvia is a time-travelling clairvoyant, who never fails to captivate the audience as she explains her life story with the help of Gothic mementos and audience participation. This makes the show feel creative and unique, inviting the audience to question their senses, what they perceive as real or unreal. Created and played by Careena Fenton, Miss Sylvia also provides commentary on themes such as female hysteria and Victorian medicine with her unique blend of comedic eccentricity and dark storytelling. Fenton’s over-the-top theatrical tone is excellent at drawing the audience in, making for an intriguing experience to remember. Click Here

July 10, 2018 Buxton Fringe Website
Buxton Festival Review of Phantasmagorical

This show is true immersion into the shadowy world of Victorian gothic spiritualism with magical Spirit Guide, the impish and engaging Miss Sylvia Sceptre.
Wonderfully evocative storytelling prepares believer and sceptic alike for thrills and spine-tingling chills with dazzling magic, mind-reading and psychic demonstration.
Audience members don’t need to commune with the spirits to enjoy expertly performed magic and misdirection from a character created by one of the few female Magic Circle Members.
Trick or treat? Scene or séance? Magic or misdirection? Gift or curse? You decide. But whatever you do, challenge yourself to sit with the shadows in the company of Miss Sceptre before she heads to Edinburgh’s ghostly streets.

David Carlisle
Buxton Fringe, 9 July 2018
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