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Venue:32 Below (Formerly Ushers), 32b West Nicolson Street Edinburgh EH8 9DD
Phone: 0131 667 7533
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Cellar
AUG 2-14, 16-26 at 15:45 (60 min)
Show Image

WINNER: “BEST OF FEST” Award - London, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Victoria Fringe Festivals
“FUNNIEST SHOW” Award - London Fringe

“CRITIC’S PICK” -Cincinnati Fringe

See the show that sold out from Adelaide to London, Toronto to Vancouver, and San Francisco to Orlando, to name a few. Meet America's favourite wise-cracking psychic detective. Murder! Magic! Explosions! Hyperbole! Punctuation!!!!!!!!&#@

Wowing crowds the world over, this hilarious gumshoe is part comedy, part mind-reading, part magic, and all gritty retro 1930‘s film-noir! Think Boardwalk Empire meets Naked Gun meets Derren Brown. Based on a classic crime story by Dashiell Hammett, follow self-deprecating film noir detective Dirk Darrow as he navigates a trail of bodies to solve a robbery. With jokes.

“Awe-inspiring feats... undeniably impressive” -Chortle
★★★★★ “Amazing” -Australian Stage

★★★★&½  “Tour de force” - London Free Press
★★★★★ “I was in stitches.” -Otaku No Culture
★★★★ “Jaw Dropping” -The Advertiser
★★★★&½ “Excellent show” -Edmonton Journal 

★★★★&½ “Hard and fast” -Winnipeg Free Press 

★★★★&½  “The best private detective magician mentalist comedian you’ll ever see.” -Edmonton Sun

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News and Reviews for this Show

February 4, 2015  Australian Stage
2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick: A Dirk Darrow Investigation
It was a dark and stormy night.

Well actually it was.

Lightening flashed, rain splattered and came and went in torrents. The canvas of the Teatro 1 tent flapped and moaned in the wind.

Enter a seedy P.I. Stubbled chin, obligatory trench coat, burning cigarette and a rather becoming slouch hat. It was none other than that jaded dick, Dirk Darrow.

The scene was set. It was 1932, the height of the U.S. depression. With it came prohibition and a healthy sub culture of criminal activity.

The 30 something souls who had braved the elements at a quarter to midnight on a Monday were amply rewarded for their trouble. Tim Motley gave a tour de force performance. It is easy to see why he has won Awards in London, Winnipeg and Victoria Fringe Festivals.

The audience was spellbound.

His Damon Runyon-esque monologue was cleverly drawn and tongue in cheek wit peppered the gritty noir tales. I will resist quoting any of the multitudinous puns and quips. The joy is in the corny punchlines and they belong to Motley.

This solo performance was seamlessly delivered with a flawlessly held drawl throughout. Amazing card tricks, illusions, comedy mind-reading, graphology (the reading of handwriting) thrilled and stunned the crowd.

Motley was confident enough to work in some ad-libs and his charm coerced “volunteers” to participate on and off stage with little reticence and no ill will. No mean feat in such a small crowd.

His casual, rather shambolic stance belied the enormous amount of skill that went into these illusions and the crafting of the busy but extremely well written script.

I joined with other Fringe audiences in awarding him 5 stars and a standing ovation!

Tim Motley presents
2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick: A Dirk Darrow Investigation

Venue: Teatro 1, Perth Cultural Centre Click Here

August 19, 2014  Edmonton Journal
Fringe review: 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick: A Dirk Darrow Investigation
“It’s tough being a jaded private dick,” our hard-boiled host laments in that deep, husky, slow-talking detective voice.

Dirk Darrow is a cynical dick but one helluva funny dick too, with no shortage of phallic puns, giggly catchphrases and long-winded analogies. “Your groans just make me stronger!” he says after each corny joke with a sideways grin, eyes hidden under the brim of his fedora.

The one-man show blends comedy with audience participation and first-rate illusions, including mindreading, card tricks and disappearing-reappearing acts. You won’t just be wondering whodunit, but howdhedunit.

Tim Motley of Australia plays the world-weary, rude, highly likable jokester in this film noir parody, set in the height of the genre. Chain-smoking, check. Femme fatale, check. Sax music, thugs, a defective dollar-store cap gun, check, check, check. We missed the Venetian blind silhouette, but our charming dick makes up for it with all the magic and quips. “There’s danger around every corner. That’s why I only ever live in round houses!”

No mystery about it: 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick is an excellent show. Don’t be shy about helping our world-weary dick catch the bad guy; it may be lucrative for you.

— Elizabeth Withey

Runtime: 60 min Genre: Comedy Click Here

June 13, 2014  London Free Press
Gumshoe comedy a tour de force
Dirk Darrow is a throwback, the kind of private detective some will recall from noir movies set in the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s.

But in the hands of his creator, Tim Motley, he’s one funny guy for a modern audience at the Spriet Family Theatre, where 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick is being performed for the 2014 London Fringe Festival. This is a new show featuring an old character created by Motley, who is based in Melbourne, Australia and has seen wide success with his shows around the world.

Motley’s may well be the best performance at this year’s Fringe, as he fuses stand-up comedy with magic and story­telling, all of it supported by a lightning fast wit, confidence and commanding stage presence.

The show opens with Darrow walking into a spotlight to run off a string of “It’s tough being a jaded dick . . .” jokes that get the audience laughing and sets them up for a few surprises.

Dressed in fedora, rumpled overcoat, loosened tie and pants with a sling holster and temperamental handgun (cap gun), and puffing on a cigarette (one of those pretend varieties), he’s got the voice and speech pattern of a tough, gritty detective nailed.

“She was deader than a doe-eyed donkey, doppelganger in Deadman’s gulch in December,” he says at one point.

In addition to the character, Motley tells the story of an investigation using not only words but the magic of a mentalist, cards, cash and casino chips. They are too good to spoil. You just have to see and experience them.

Not all the tricks were perfect, but any hiccups in the show were beautifully covered by Motley’s quick wit, that makes you feel like the flaw was intended. It was a surprise to learn he’d performed the show less than 10 times, considering he delivers such a tight, well-paced performance.

The only surprise was I’d hadn’t heard more buzz about a show that’s among my top five for pure entertainment and comedy, perhaps only slightly less entertaining than God is a Scottish Drag Queen and High Tea: Life and Depth.

2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick is a slick, fun, brilliantly performed show — a must-see for the London Fringe crowd.

– – –


What: 2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick, created and performed by Tim Motley.

Where: Spriet Family Theatre, Covent Garden Market.

When: Saturday 7:30 p.m. Click Here

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