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Venue:32 Below (Formerly Ushers), 32b West Nicolson Street Edinburgh EH8 9DD
Phone: 0131 667 7533
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Cellar
AUG 2-12, 14-26 at 13:15 (55 min)
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Paul Foxcroft: Huge If True

Fifty Five minutes of hi-octane nonsense from one of the UK's best improv comedians, half of quirky sketch-pals Surname & Surname, and host of the sell-out hit show 'Questing Time'.

Huge If True is an adventure into lies, half-truths and pure bullshit that either blends or swings wildly between stand-up and character comedy as Foxcroft uses years of comedy experience to bring to life an array of oddball characters and his decades of 'writing things down' to attack the high concepts of... Reviews! Toxic masculinity! Plot holes in popular fiction! Having a lot of free time!

All this and the audience gets to play the high stakes, choose your own adventure game - Toilet Quest!

You'll know Paul from acclaimed improv show 'Cariad & Paul', and from the hit show 'Questing Time', in which four of your favourite comedians play Dungeons & Dragons, live on-stage.

News and Reviews for this Show

August 23, 2018  The Scotsman
Paul Foxcroft has all the confidence you would expect from a man who has improvised with the best for most of his career. But this is tightly scripted stuff. There is autobiography (Foxcroft is a failed bio­chemist, for which we should be grateful, given the disasters he brought down upon the world while still at university), storytelling (turning a realistic eye on some of our favourite fairytales), an examination of the terrors embodied in everything from horses to Ghostbusters, a clever/stupid little character comedy sketch featuring The Hare (of hare and tortoise fame) and some quality straight stand-up on racism, Brexit and the misuse of the skull motif.

There will, one day, be an incredibly dark hour from Foxcroft on his relationship with his family, and it is hinted at all through this one, adding a little frisson of danger to an otherwise well-mannered show.

We wind down with a few moments pondering the worth of reviews, illustrated by reading a few from public review websites before ramping up the excitement to eleven with that game of FinaleQuest. I might just keep going until I get to play, it is ridiculous amounts of fun. This is his first solo hour, amazingly, and it is a cleverly-crafted mix of comedy genres. Not many performers can pull this off but he does so with aplomb.

Should you sit beside someone in an audience who simply shouts “I like this!” all through a show, that is the Foxcroft effect in action. Click Here

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