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Venue:Cabaret Voltaire, 36-38 Blair Street Edinburgh EH1 1QR
Phone: 0131 247 4704
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Main Room
AUG 2-26 at 16:45 (60 min)
Show Image

After 30 wasted years, Sean McLoughlin (Chortle Award Nominee 2018, Ricky Gervais tour support) is back at the Fringe to perform the show of his mediocre life.

**** The Scotsman
**** The List
**** Chortle
**** The Skinny
**** Shortcom
**** Edinburgh Festivals

"The best comedian you haven't heard of yet" - Time Out

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 21, 2018  Beyond the Joke
There are so many strong shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this year it is easy for some to get overlooked by reviewers. Sean McLoughlin doesn't seem to have had many critics in so far but he doesn't seem to be having much difficulty getting fans into his show. I had to squeeze into the back for this one and watch it on a bench facing the wrong way.

It was worth the stiff neck though. McLoughlin has become a Fringe regular in recent years and is the epitome of the skilful stand-up. He is self-mocking but sharp and confident, angry but not to the extent that it gets on your nerves. He also looks the part. Imagine if Lionel Messi had decided to go on a crash diet, not sleep for a week, don a shirt and jacket and lurk in a basement in Edinburgh for August.

McLoughlin clearly knows what he is doing. Hail Mary is initially about getting older, about your ambitions not working out as you had planned. It is also about our obsession wth technology and how our humanity is being relentlessly taken over by social media and perhaps we don't even realise it. He's mad as hell and not going to take it any more, but first of all he is going to make us laugh.

... Click Here

August 20, 2018  The Wee Review
Comedian Sean McLoughlin’s sixth Fringe show in as many years finds him suffering from an existential and identity crisis. He recently turned 30 and has slipped to fourth in the Google search results after: a University Professor, a footballer and a YouTube gamer of the same name. In a hysterical hour of comedy Hail Mary explores faith, love and technology as religion.

McLoughlin states he’s the happiest he’s ever been but only after lowering his ambitions. He played the Royal Albert Hall a couple of months ago but finds himself performing a free Fringe show in a basement and wonders how he got here. The comedian grew up convinced he was a genius despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, with a university lecturer calling him “the worst student I have ever encountered in life or in fiction.” The comic has a gift for self-deprecation which is entertaining to witness and his intense, loud delivery can probably be heard in the venue next door.

The stand-up knows we’re all ruled by technology, whether we embrace it or not. He mocks the reaction to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and laughs at Deliveroo “caring about your privacy” when they once posted a cheese toastie through his letterbox. Technology has also impacted on his love life – he was in a long-distance relationship for a year and relied on tech to keep the romance alive. His girlfriend’s name is Alexa, which provides fodder for a whole skit with a few a predictably cheesy punchlines.

The hour motors along and McLoughlin’s jokes have a staggeringly high success rate. If a joke ever fails to land, he becomes bitter which is often funnier than the dud gag itself. The set finishes with an exploration of religion from the perspective of a lapsed Catholic who has recently rediscovered his faith. The comic then skilfully ties the narrative about technology and religion together with the audience laughing and whooping to the end.

McLoughlin claims at the start of the show that he came to the Fringe with nothing left in the tank, but for the packed-out room that’s just not true. He provides a high energy, solidly funny gig to hoards of people who have flocked to see him on word of mouth recommendations alone. Click Here

August 18, 2018  Chortle

Well, Sean McLoughlin’s a massive liar. Ever the struggling comedian, he reckons that after five consecutive Edinburgh show, his creative tank had run dry when it came to writing his sixth. Yet this impassioned, urgent broadside on the state of both the nation and his own life is fizzing with ideas, intensity and bloody great jokes.

It’s certainly his tightest hour yet, with his many incisive and funny thoughts combining organically to form a cohesive polemic, delivered with frustrated pique and building to a fine conclusion. But while it’s an impressive invective, there are gags at every turn, and he leaps between them as quickly and nimbly as you like.

While he starts from familiar set-ups, such as feeling he lacks the maturity, stability and achievement he should have at 30 and mulling a future with a partner he loves, he spins them off in insightful directions.

One core idea is that society is divided between the forward-looking, who eagerly consume each quantum leap in technology, and the backwards-looking reactionaries, nostalgic for an ideal that never really exist. Of course, every comic who’s brought up Brexit has entertained similar thoughts, but McLoughlin has the unique observation that both sides are winning, making for a weirdly uncertain time for everyone, and creating a massive grey area, which he incisively prospects for many a comedy nugget.

... Click Here

August 17, 2018  Bunbury Magazine
Sean McLoughlin’s Hail Mary is a lively, bouncy performance from the very start with excellent audience engagement and superb observational humour.
Brilliantly written and expertly delivered, this powerful performance is also very well structured with lovely little details that really set this show apart.
It is highly immersive and you can lose yourself in this show. It is pure, unadulterated escapism that truly is a pleasure to watch.
McLoughlin is a highly charismatic performer who draws his audience in with one sentence and subverts expectations with another.
The pace and energy is kept up though the entire show which is an incredible thing to witness and the material is consistently hilarious. This is definitely a show which made it difficult to review because I was laughing too much.

You need to go see this show. It’s absolutely fantastic. Let Sean McLoughlin do what he was clearly born to do and make you laugh and completely escape for an hour.

Totally brilliant. Click Here

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