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The Raging Bull

161 Lothian Road
Cellar: AUG 17-25 at 00:15 (60 min) - Free


A and E is a split show shared by Eleri Morgan and Aled Richards.

During his already very busy schedule, life threw a heart attack at Aled, which he found to be most inconvenient. Everything had to be put on hold as he embarked on his darkly humourous journey to recovery.

[His life was turned upside down as he played cardio top trumps, endured the rigours of cardio rehab and researched the link between heart attacks and sex.]

"A masterful storyteller who shines a comedic light into the darkest corners!" Gary Slaymaker

" A slick storyteller with lovely comedic timing." Phil Evans

Eleri will tackle the Heart-aches segment of the show. Imagine if you will, a Ted-Talk if humanity hated itself. She will lecture you about the art of being a phenomenally basic millennial. Learn how deal with heartbreak, peer pressure, zero hour contacts and what to do with asthmatic dogs purchased from a drug dealer in exchange for an Iceland frozen pizza.

"A force of nature and a full throttled Idiot" Logan Murray.