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Barely There


Barely There

The Cuckoo's Nest

69 Home St
Basement: AUG 3-25 at 15:00 (60 min) - Free

Barely There

Join Mary O'Connell and Patrick Healy for an hour of laughs and insights into their underwhelming lives.

Mary is still angry about the ending of Lost, even though she hasn't seen it. She is also a NATYs Finalist 2018, and winner of the London Chortle Student Competition public vote in 2016. Scathing, playful, laid-back, and assured, Mary brings her perplexed take on life to the stage.

Patrick is a NATYs Finalist 2019, because he's younger than Mary and won't let her forget it. He was also a So You Think You're Funny Finalist in 2018, and was crowned Yellow Comedy Young Comedian of the Year in 2018. Dry, conversational, and observational, Patrick is an 80 year-old man in a 19 year-old's body (with a 12 year-old's face).