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Steve Hili: The Sexy Environmentalist


Steve Hili: The Sexy Environmentalist

Sofi's Southside

42 - 44 Buccleuch Street
Upstairs: AUG 18-25 at 18:15 (60 min) - Free

Steve Hili: The Sexy Environmentalist

Like you, Steve Hili knows the world is in trouble. And he is worried about it.

Also like you (if you are part of his target audience, that is) Steve Hili enjoys getting it on.

So now he is bringing the worlds of environmentalism and “sexiness” together in a last-ditch effort to save the planet. Forget Extinction Rebellion. This is SExtinction Rebellion!

The Sexy Environmentalist is a brand-new, high-octane show from the mind behind the Never Mind The Backstop Farewell Comedy Tour. It is an in-your-face mixture of environmentalism and sex jokes with a bit of real, actual, activism thrown in too!

Making the world a tiny bit better. With sexiness.

"Sterling Work" - The Guardian

“The energy of a dog that needs to be taken out” - VICE

"Had the audience in stitches" - Number 9 reviews

"Hili delivered a show that was both hilarious and eye-opening...The show was perfect, the comedian was perfect…you must see it ASAP." - Voicemag.uk

"Hili is all presence" - The Wee Review