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Alex Farrow: Philosophy A-Level


Alex Farrow: Philosophy A-Level

Cabaret Voltaire

36-38 Blair Street
Ink Bar: AUG 1-25 at 12:15 (50 min) - Free

Alex Farrow: Philosophy A-Level

“Alex Farrow: Philosophy A-Level” is is a stand-up comedy show about history, religion and modern Britain told through the stories of teaching Philosophy to teenagers. “Honest and interesting and really, very, very funny indeed” –★★★★★ Bunbury Magazine, “Jaw Achingly funny”- Oxford Times ★★★★★ “An engaging and entertaining pairing of learning and good humour!” – ★★★★ The Latest, Brighton

Tasked by Ofsted with “promoting British values” to teens in an East-London school in special measures for Islamic extremism, join Alex as he explores what it’s like to teach students critical thinking, in a school that is critical of what it’s students might be thinking. From Socrates to Stormzy, via the Bible, the Quran, paganism, the pub and a trip to the headmaster gone wrong: there’s a lot to disagree about, how best do we do it? And what the hell has Alfie drawn on his textbook?

Alex is the the host at Union Jack FM’s “One Night Stand” live from the Jericho Comedy club broadcast on Thursdays. He is resident MC at Jericho Comedy. Jericho Comedy was voted best comedy night in the Midlands in the Chortle 2019 awards and also recommended in the Sunday Times

Age guide 14+

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August 21, 2019    The Mumble

Alex ‘Underscore’ Farrow was a philosophy teacher, is now a stand-up comedian. But like many extremely intelligent people caught in the education system, he hasn’t quite managed to break free of school & schooling – its the chief source of his material. ‘Philosophy A-Level‘ replicates something of the classroom experience, one of those informal ones with your cool teacher, where laughter is the lavish key to learning, using humor to enhance the otherwise strict methodologies of education. His show is only sometimes about Philosophy – which seems quite the magic word, as he’s frequently been getting full houses. It is rather like the phrase in Byron’s Don Juan, in which ‘A lady of a`certain age’, can be transmorphed into ‘People of a certain brains…’

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Alex Farrow: Philosophy A-Level