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Grumpy Pants


Grumpy Pants

The Free Sisters

139 Cowgate
The Gothic Room: AUG 1-25 at 11:00 (45 min) - Free

Grumpy Pants


A show that is designed to entertain parents alongside kids with a mix of perfectly crafted juggling routines, clowning, physical comedy and fork throwing! Yes forks!!

Grumpy Pants invites the audience into an eccentric and intimate world, where everyday objects such as suitcases, glasses of water and frisbees are bought to life in experimental juggling routines. A bizarre and off beat character Grumpy Pants communicates through his expressive rubber skin, words and sounds and the fourth wall is broken from beginning to end, as the audience, both children and adults, are encouraged to be part of the show from the moment they enter.

Grumpy Pants finishes with a highly skilled fork throwing finale act that brings delight to everyone in the audience.!

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August 2, 2019    The Wee Review

Punkish Barcelona clown offers spectacular fun for kids

Francisco Vita (aka Kiki) is one half of the Barcelona based duo Las Cossas Nostra, known for their mix of physical theatre, comedy, clown and circus. Francesco and Amelia Cadwallader have toured the world with their work as well as performing on streets and stage. This year, they bring Kiki’s solo show, Grumpy Pants, to Edinburgh’s Free Fringe.

Playful accordion sounds waltz and skip in the space of the Free Sisters’ cavernous Gothic Room as the family audience takes their seat. On stage, Kiki’s props of metal hoops, glasses of blue liquid, a hat on a pole, and some blue balls silently intrigue.

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Grumpy Pants