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A Booklover's Comedy Show


A Booklover's Comedy Show

32 Below

32b West Nicolson Street
The Cellar: AUG 1-12, 14-25 at 14:35 (60 min) - Free

A Booklover's Comedy Show

“The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.”

- Terry Pratchett

After a sellout run in it’s inaugural Edinburgh season the Booklover’s Comedy Show sensation is back! A compilation show featuring a rotating bill of comedians and storytellers talking about everything book related - it could be anything from a kids book that scarred them for life to a time they partied with Salman Rushdie - whatever it is, if you like reading there'll be something for you.

So if you’ve ever:

- paused after reading something to take a moment and collect yourself

- read naked

- thought “the book was way better” but didn’t want to be the kind of person who says “the book was way better”

This shows for you my friend.

Alternative titles not chosen:

A novel comedy show

Girls gone Wilde (also featuring boys)

Harry Potter and the book themed comedy show no one attended

News and Reviews for this Show

14 of the best free Fringe shows at this year's Edinburgh Festival - including top-rated comedy

August 9, 2019   Edinburgh Live

14 of the best free Fringe shows at this year's Edinburgh Festival - including top-rated comedy

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Fringe Review: A Booklover’s Comedy Show - 4 Stars

February 17, 2019    Glamadelaide

Fringe Review: A Booklover’s Comedy Show - 4 Stars

A Booklover’s Comedy Show is the brainchild of stand-up comedian, George Dimarelos. A certified ‘Super Greek’ (pun on ‘Super Geek’, get it? get it?) Dimarelos opened the bill of rotating comedians with the observation that a bookshow in a wine centre couldn’t really get any douchier. Delivered with a good dose of self deprecation, the audience went with him and what followed was a fair whack of audience interaction as they offered up their opinions and reading recommendations for the best books of all time.

Dimarelos performed his own book related stand-up, and acted as the glue holding together a bunch of comedians tasked with performing bookish comedy. The line-up changes nightly, but on Saturday night, the audience was treated to skits from the Burger King Illuminati (BKI), witticisms from Sam Bowden, nerdy comedy from Alexander Richmond, and astounding improv rap from MC Hammersmith. All these comedians have their own Fringe shows and are all worth checking out.

Some of the performances had tenuous links to books (BKIs skit about the Gringotts Bank from Harry Potter was fab, but their second skit lost me) but most got it over the line. Sam Bowden controversially argued that the book is not always better than the movie (Lord of the Rings, anyone?) and Alexander Richmond made everyone feel slightly uncomfortable with lots of Lolita references. MC Hammersmith is straight from the ghettos of middle-class white England and could himself pass for an older Harry Potter, but wow can this guy improv rap. The audience offered up a list of random, and quite unusual words (literary crowd show offs!), which Hammersmith promptly turned into a rap. He then did similar incorporating objects owned by audience members. (I offered up the miniature Kinder Surprise hiding in my bag courtesy of one of my children and yes, he managed to work it in.)

This isn’t a big name show, but it was an awesome start to this reviewer’s 2019 Fringe season, and I do urge people to support lessor known performers. All the comedians in this line-up were great in their own ways, and ringleader George Dimarelos deserves a big high five for his ongoing energy, enthusiasm and ability to keep smiling through all those snotty heckles! Go along to see something a little more high brow and different than your average Fringe funnies, then go home and read a good book. Click Here For Review

Fringe World Review: A Booklover’s Comedy Show - 5 stars

February 6, 2019    Dircksey Magazine

Fringe World Review: A Booklover’s Comedy Show - 5 stars

From a song about grammar, to a Shakespearean play, to the world of erotic literature, George Dimarelos’ A Booklover’s Comedy Show has it all. With a compilation of talented comedians and avid book lovers, each performer brought their own unique take on the world of books to the stage.

The show’s producer and emcee for the night, George Dimarelos began the show by asking the audience what our favourite book was – a question for his end-of-tour book list that he will be sharing with us later. The humour of the night is generally topical with the occasional use of wordplay and literary innuendos. Dimarelos introduced us to the night’s 3 talented comedians, Louisa Fitzhardinge, Gillian English, and Pamela DeMenthe.

Louisa Fitzhardinge’s performance is perfect for lovers of literature and grammar. With puns like “a novel idea”, Fitzhardinge unveils the grammar nerd in us all. She performs multiple musical numbers, with her own song ‘The Rational Anthem’. Using the song ‘What A Wonderful World’, the audience held up flags which she sang persistently as she changed between German, Italian, English and AUSLAN (sign language). Fitzhardinge secures the audience’s attention and amazement with her creativity and multilingualism.

Having an extensive knowledge on all things Shakespeare, Gillian English surprises the audience with her comedic hatred of some Shakespeare classics by her re-enactment of an uncommon Shakespeare play. English’s hilarious interpretation of Shakespeare is definitely something I’d pay to see at the theatre. She also delves into Disney’s ideals on teenage girls and romance. Being my highlight for the night, English’s performance is feminism at its funniest.

As a “humble” author, Pamela DeMenthe speaks to the crowd as if we were all her dedicated fans at the book release for her novel, Sticky Digits. She begins with a story about her journey into the world of writing erotic fiction. Following this, DeMenthe offers the audience tips on writing erotic fiction; such as writing erotic fiction for your crush which she guarantees will “get their attention”. She finishes her performance by reading a chapter of her book, leaving the crowd wanting more.

I’ve never felt homier than surrounded by a crowd of book lovers enjoying some literary comedy. With a range of loosely book-related topics, this show is a must see this Fringe season for any bookworm. Each night, like any good book, is guaranteed to be a wonderful and unique experience. Click Here For Review

FRINGEWORLD 2019: A Booklover’s Comedy Show | 4.5 Stars

February 5, 2019    Fourth Wall Media

FRINGEWORLD 2019: A Booklover’s Comedy Show | 4.5 Stars

FRINGEWORLD 2019: A Booklover’s Comedy Show | 4.5 Stars
February 5, 2019
Fourth Wall Media
Review | Kieran Eaton

I better get my grammar in check because show creator, George Dimarelos is a self-confessed book geek, though he first accidently-on-purpose says book ‘Greek’ a funny and charming way to show off his Greek ethnicity. Dimarelos might look the stereotype – glasses and twee clothing – but looks can be deceiving because he talks the talk. This makes me want to know more about him because he seems like an interesting guy, however, as the host of the show, we are left with glimpses only!

The premise is simple – three guest comedic book lovers, give an example of their bookish sense of humour. Each night has a different selection of acts and so if you like this concept, you can see this show multiple times and gain different perspectives on the world of books. The night I saw showcased Louise Fitzhardinge, Gillian English, and Pamela DeMenthe, all doing their own shows for FRINGEWORLD 2019.

Before bringing on each act, Dimarelos explains his love of books in a conversational manner and emphasises that it does not matter how many books you have read in a year, he won’t say anything but there may be internal judgement if you only say one! This gets plenty of laughs because he judges well that most of the crowd are book enthusiasts. However, like a book club the crowd can have differing opinions on a book and that is OK because Dimarelos says that he’ll just add an author or book to his reading list.

Fitzhardinge is the first of this bunch to be brought on and give a sample of her highly successful show, Comma Sutra. It is comedic cabaret all about grammar and her love of language, making it difficult to find the perfect lover. She is also multi lingual so also highlights that in song. English is next with banter about Shakespeare, and the age of Disney Princesses. It’s a bit of a glimpse into her solo show, She Wolf. Finally, DeMenthe goes into the making of an erotic fiction novel, called Sticky Digits (Also her FRINGEWORLD show title).

For those who want to embrace their inner introvert A Book Lover’s Comedy Show is a must see for you! Click Here For Review