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Stand-up Philosophy


Stand-up Philosophy

The Counting House

38 West Nicolson Street
The Ballroom: AUG 1-25 at 15:00 (60 min) - Free

Stand-up Philosophy

STAND-UP PHILOSOPHY is like stand-up comedy, except that it’s philosophical as well as funny! With a different philosophical theme and line-up each day, the Fringe’s most intelligent comedians join some of the UK’s most entertaining academic philosophers, to answer the big questions of philosophy - and discuss them with the audience.

Hosted by philosopher/comedian Charlie Duncan Saffrey, it’s like a cross between a stand-up comedy show and a public lecture, only more fun. And there’s a bar. Come along if you’re curious!

News and Reviews for this Show

August 9, 2019   Squirrel Comedy

Very interesting concept for a festival show. Our host, Charlie Duncan Saffrey, introduces two guests to give a 20 minute talk (hopefully funny) on the theme of the day and the audience are welcome to debate with the guests after they have finished. Today’s theme was “belief” and our two guests, Alex Farrow and Alex Mason, gave interesting talks which we then argued about.

There is a list of each day’s theme outside the venue, so you can come prepared to debate on a particular subject. Apparently the Head of the Philosophy Department of the London School of Economics and Political Science is coming up to give one lecture. Given all the turmoil in British politics in recent times this show should provide some, ahem, lively discussion.

There are some laughs to be had, but mostly, Stand-Up Philosophy is recommended for those wishing to stimulate their intellect in the afternoon or looking for a good argument. Click Here For Article