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Martin Mor - Instigator


Martin Mor - Instigator

Cabaret Voltaire

36-38 Blair Street
Main Room: AUG 1-25 at 19:15 (60 min) - Free

Martin Mor - Instigator


a new hour of stand up comedy.

“A comedy institution” The Guardian

“World class” The Scotsman.

“A terrifically funny and amiable man” The Skinny.

“absolutely brilliant…hilarious at every turn”

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“Uproariously funny and utterly loveable, Mor is a wonderful entertainer and provider of many insights on life”.

Three Weeks

“A bearded behemoth of comedy…mesmerising to watch”

Gulf Weekly

“If we could all live our lives more like Martin Mor, the world would be a much better, happier place”.


“Mor's likeability is as massive as the man himself”.


“Martin is the act that has influenced me the most, the UK comedy circuit would not be the same without him.”

Frankie Boyle.

News and Reviews for this Show

August 18, 2019    One4Review

I can’t imagine that too many people who have a significant knowledge of the comedy world will be unaware of Martin Mor. If they haven’t seen him perform, then surely his distinctive look must have crossed their horizons somewhere as this hard working comic is much in demand.

Mor always has a story to tell and he will get to it in his own time, but first he wants to get to know his punters and as a top notch compere his crowd work is as always outstanding, and his memory first class recalling names of returnees who he hasn’t seen for a year.
Mor relates what it is like in Edinburgh just prior to the Fringe, he was working here, his venue having become like a sex dungeon and once the prepared material is underway his book of ‘firsts’ comes into play as feats are looked at and his fertile comedy mind kicks in, asking questions and often providing the answers as only he can.

Mor muses on who was the instigator of Bungie jumping and given his now hipster look beard, he though has had it for years, who inverted instant coffee and the ‘glory hole’, the term I didn’t know existed for what it is.

But there is also a deeper message. He has recently discovered he has a health issue, controllable fortunately, and this prompts him to hand out deeply sensible advise, but being the comic he is, of course there is funny material in there for him too.
Mor is a Fringe institution and catching his annual show should be one of yours. Click Here For Review

August 1, 2019    The Wee Review

A traditional show brimming with life from one of the Free Fringe’s comedy figureheads

Kitted out in a green t-shirt with brown shorts, shoes and colourful socks, Martin Mor seems to have donned the archaeologist look as he excitedly ambles onto his stage. He is a colourful, welcoming figure throughout his latest show, Instigator. For 55 minutes full of shocking anecdotes and personal insight, Mor demonstrates an obsession with starting something different, instigating something new. Contrastingly, the comedy format feels anything but new, a familiar stand-up setting with one man and a mic (even if Mor thinks the stage area looks like a sex dungeon).

A comedy figurehead fizzing with excitement for life, Mor makes an effort to forge relationships with audience members while simultaneously delivering the goods.

... Click Here For Review