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Sarah Lee: Half A Man


Sarah Lee: Half A Man

The City Café

19 Blair Street
Hollywood: AUG 1-12, 14-25 at 15:20 (30 min) - Free

Sarah Lee: Half A Man

A half hour from half a man (her father was a man). Join this loveable, grown-up tomboy for her punchy and hilarious fringe debut.

Jewish Comedian of the Year Finalist 2018. Leicester Square Comedian of the Year Semi-Finalist 2018. Get-Up Stand-Up! Semi Finalist 2018.

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August 18, 2019    One4Review


Sarah Lee is all smiles for this short but well formed show, which is built on autobiographical anecdotes and complimentary observational material. Not all of the audience seemed particularly engaged but a good number were giggling away. A small number were overly-willing to be contributory and chatty, but Ms Lee accepted that with easy good-humour and managed both to make it support the material of the show, and pull something funny from it.

The show is thirty minutes – a rare species at the Fringe – but it is all quality content, with a compelling rhythm and pace and no fluffy filler, so arguably at least as good value as some hour-long shows. Ms Lee’s topics are both miscellaneous and quotidian, but she brings a delightfully fresh and un-cynical eye to them, resulting in a pleasing and entertaining show.

The room is tiny, but does indeed have the best air-conditioning in Edinburgh, and an excellent comedian. Click Here For Review

An Interview with Sarah Lee

August 1, 2019   Mumble Comedy

An Interview with Sarah Lee

Legal wizard by day, comedy genius by night, welcome to the Fringe, Sarah Lee

Hello Sarah, first things first, where are you from & where are you at, geographically speaking?
North London, born-and-bred. I still live about mile from where I grew up. (The red side not the white and blue side, before you ask).

When did you first realise you were funny?
I was at a party about 10 years ago and a friend came over and said “if I ever need to find you I just follow the sound of laughter”. That made me pretty happy and changed my perspective on myself.

Can you tell us about your day job?
I’m a hot-shot lawyer in the city. That’s not a joke, actually. Basically, if I can’t solve your problems in my day job, I can help you forget about them in my night job.

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