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Venue:The Counting House, 38 West Nicolson Street Edinburgh EH8 9DD
Phone: 0131 667 7533
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Attic
AUG 2-14 at 21:50 (60 min)
Show Image

2018 dating is a disaster so it’s time to let the crazy out.

MTV presenter, comedian and co-host of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ comedy award-winning podcast ‘A Gay And A NonGay’, James Barr unleashes a hilariously desperate attempt to finally meet ‘the one’ - and it could be you!

Join James as he dishes the dirt on his brutally honest and ridiculous dating life and Tinder-style swipes the audience to find his way up-the-aisle. A funny, absurd and desperate 60 minute makeout session!

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 17, 2018  Bunbury Magazine
James wants to find the one at the Fringe this year, and every person in the room could very well BE the one. Upon entry, every audience member is encouraged to touch James’ lucky pineapple before he takes to the stage, welcoming us into his world with extreme likeability and building a great energy in the room.

James’ quest to find love has seen him move from online dating to ‘real life tinder’. inviting all of the men to stand while he ‘swipes’ away the ones he does not want. When he finds the right man, they are invited on stage for a date, in an innovative and charming way of building the audience participation sections in to his show. There comes near the start of the show too, a fantastic analogy between buying avocados and dating, surely striking more than one chord with the millennials in the room.

James’ high levels of energy are kept throughout the show, with the audience riding the wave with him. He is often cheeky and provocative but never crosses the line into pure dirtiness, with lots of great ideas carrying the narrative. He can be shocking and honest at times, which gives a beautiful vulnerability to the performance and his comedy.

Get along and join in with James Barr’s quest for love. You are, after all, cordially invited. Click Here

August 5, 2018  Broadway Baby
Wonderfully unexpected opportunities can occur at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; even more so at the 'Free' variety. You can be queuing for Stephen Bailey: Our Kid only to discover that, as he's away 'doing some TV,' his slot in the room is filled by another young, gay standup called James Barr. Curiously, as we shuffle in, none of us seems upset by the news, perhaps because no money has yet changed hands.

Either that or a significant proportion of the audience already know Barr from his TV, radio and voiceover work for the likes of MTV, Bauer Radio and Heat magazine (clearly I’m not keeping up with Culture!) and trust him to offer reasonable value. While still relatively new to standup comedy, Barr clearly knows how to both work an audience and structure a show for reasonable narrative impact. If this particular crowd is slightly more inhibited than he's used to, it's likely down to this particular performance starting at 5.15pm rather than 9.50pm, with all the implications regarding inhibitions and alcohol consumption.

Subject-wise, we're on pretty familiar ground; Barr's show is primarily about his (increasingly desperate) search for 'the one' and that perfect, long-term relationship with the man of his dreams. It's a desperation that can be triggered by a Royal Wedding (especially one involving a fellow red-head); it can inspire the fear that he's like an avocado dangerously close to its 'best by' date, ready to be rejected in Waitrose. The costume change involved may not seem particularly necessary, but his riff on being an avocado is a fine example of its kind, delivered with just the right level of innuendo.

There are, of course, obligatory tales of dating apps, but arguably the most interesting moments are with the potential dates – ie, cute audience members – Barr brings up on stage. In at attempt to accelerate the intimacy between them, he asks some of the 36 questions devised by the US psychologist Arthur Aron to bring couples closer together. Despite the risks, this is when Barr proves he can stay absolutely in control, regardless of any weird material the public throws at him. Click Here

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