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Venue:Finnegan's Wake, 9b Victoria Street Edinburgh EH1 2HE
Phone: 0131 225 9348
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Back Room
AUG 8 at 13:30 (60 min)
Venue:Harry's Southside, 42 - 44 Buccleuch Street Edinburgh EH8 9LP
Phone: 0131 662 0974
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Upstairs
AUG 3-13 at 17:00 (60 min)
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Andrew White's 'It Was Funnier in My Head' takes a look at life as a parent dependent teenager, being only 17 himself! Covering everything from passing out in PE to the banes of elderly neighbours, and from accepting baldness to travelling in China, the show promises an entertaining hour full of laughs.

Andrew presents his unique style of stand-up and funny poems, in this, his debut Edinburgh Fringe show, following a mini-tour of the show on the South Coast. Not only that, he will be introduced and warmed-up by his very own Dad!

It will be show not to be missed this Fringe...

Praise for Andrew White and 'It was Funnier in My Head':

"An Intoxicating blend of wit and amusing poetry" - The Poetika Echo

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 4, 2017 Daily Record
Five of the best free shows and events at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Andrew White - It was funnier in my head:
A debut performance but with much anticipation, Andrew White, just 17, takes a look at life as a parent dependant teenager.

Covering all manner of subjects from passing out in PE to travelling to China, the hour-long show is expected to be full of laughs with a mixture of stand-up comedy and poems.

As described in a review by The Poetika Echo as "An intoxicating blend of wit and amusing poetry", Andrew White's comedy act is not to be missed. Click Here

July 21, 2017 Mensa Magazine
Heard the one about the young Mensan stand up performing at the Edinburgh fringe?
South West member and stand up comedian Andrew White is to make his first appearance at the Edinburgh fringe – at the tender age of just 17... That would be a daunting debut for most but Andrew can’t wait.
And if he does get first night nerves he’s got support on hand – his dad Marc will be on stage with him!
“My dad does the warm up for me,” Andrew says. “He’s getting to be quite good...” That last quip is part of the banter that is a life in the White household where mum Debbie has to grin and bear it when the two get going.
In this instance, however, it is more like son like father...
Andrew was the first of the pair to get into stand up, beginning at the age of 15 when he attended an open mic
evening in Salisbury. His talent was spotted by the woman
who ran the evenings and she invited Andrew to become a compere.
“Her name is Flo and she helped me a lot, she helped me develop my stage personality and how to make the one-liners
become stories and then sets.”
One of those sets, It Was Funnier In My Head, became a one-man one-hour show which Andrew took on a mini=tour of the south coast as something of a trial for Edinburgh.
Andrew says (tongue only partly in
cheek): “My dad was inspired by me...
“He had always fancied doing stand up and when I was gigging he went on some courses and then started to
come along.”
Andrew’s show mixes story-telling, observation and shorter one-liners, punctuated by passionately written and delivered comical poems. “A mix of slam poetry and Pam Ayres
– PamSlam if you will.”
This year marks a big step up all round for Andrew as he is heading out on the road for London circuit debuts and is to compete in the South Coast Comedian of the Year contest as well as making his fringe debut.
“It would be great if there are any Mensans up for the fringe and they want to come and see my show,” he says. “I’d love to see them.”
If you do, details are below...
It Was Funnier In My Head is at The
Laughing Horse @ Southside Social
(Venue No. 246) 42-44 Buccleuch St,
Edinburgh EH8 9LP. It runs from
August 3 - 13, starting at 5pm.

January 17, 2017 Salisbury Journal
Andrew White to start first leg of his It Was Funnier in my Head tour in Fordingbridge
SALISBURY teen Andrew White is hitting the road with his own stand-up show.

The first leg of It Was Funnier in my Head will be in Fordingbridge at The Victoria Rooms on Friday, January 27, 7.30pm.

The show was previewed at Studio Theatre in Salisbury in November, which the 17-year-old Bishops Wordsworth student says was “very well” received.

He says: “In the first six months of the new year, I’ll be touring it around the South Coast at various locations up until June, and then in August hope to be taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe.

“The show takes a look at life as a parent dependent teenager, covering everything from passing out in PE to the banes of elderly neighbours, and from accepting baldness to travelling in China. I’ll even be introduced and warmed up by my very own dad.”

Entry is free. For more information email awtickets@hotmail.com or visit facebook.com/standupaw. Click Here

January 7, 2017 The Daily Echo
Teenage comic Andrew White embarks on first stand-up tour
SALISBURY teenager Andrew White is taking his first ever stand up comedy show around the South Coast for six months before making his Edinburgh's Fringe Festival debut in August.

And he has chosen none other than his dad to be his warm-up act for the shows.

Andrew, 17, who is a full-time student at Bishop Wordsworth School in Salisbury is also studying hard for his A Levels in the hope of gaining a place at Cambridge University.

He told the Daily Echo: " I would love to go to Cambridge to study History and join the famous Footlights as well! It'll be a dream come true if I get through these next two years with good grades. After that, comedy and writing is the career I'd love. Arts and entertainment is my passion."

Andrew's show, entitled 'It Was Funnier in my Head', was previewed at Studio Theatre in November, to an almost full house and was very well received.

The first leg of the tour in Fordingbridge is now on sale for Friday January 27 at The Victoria Rooms. Other dates and venues, yet to be announced include Bournemouth, Hastings, Fareham, and two nights in Salisbury.

Talking about the show Andrew says: "It takes a look at life as a parent dependent teenager, covering everything from passing out in PE to the bane of elderly neighbours, and from accepting baldness to travelling in China. I'll even be introduced and warmed up by very own dad!"

Andrew was just 15 when he started his comedy journey two years ago at a youth open mic in Salisbury.

" I started out with hardly any originality or style and just went out and told one-liners and puns. The woman running the mic, Flo, was in comedy and helped me work out my own style and material. I worked towards, over the last two years a more professional act which I'm very proud of now. I like to write a lot, so poetry kind of slotted in perfectly to my act."

Despite his Dad, Marc White, being his support act Andrew is not following in his footsteps but quite the opposite:

"Oddly, my Dad was actually inspired to do comedy by me! He had always been tempted and once took a course, and after I started he took to doing bits here and there alongside me.

"My biggest influences have been from other comedians and hearing them talk about writing material, going into the business etc. On a personal level Flo and Jonathan the Jester, (an Amesbury-based comedian, youth worker, and entertainer) have helped me hone my act hugely."

Certainly the future is looking bright for Andrew who apart from the tour has booked 20-40 minute slots at several charity gigs and compilation shows. He will also be on Hope FM on February 1 in the studio talking and joking with the host and another guest.

All dates on the Tour will now be Pay What You Want! Reserve a seat for free entry, and pay what you feel the night was worth on the way out!

More information on Andrew's Facebook page:

www.Facebook.com/StandUpAW Click Here

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