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Venue:Espionage, 4 India Buildings (Entrances on Victoria Street and Cowgate) Edinburgh EH1 2EX
Phone: 0131 4777 007
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Kasbar
AUG 4-20, 22-27 at 18:30 (60 min)
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A brand new stand up hour from John Scott, now returning to Edinburgh for his tenth run. This is a semi biographical show about mental health combined with topical satire. Obviously there must be a connection between the two. In his mid-20s John was misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia. Five years later that was changed to the much trendier Bi-polar disorder. Come find out what it was like for him to live through that. Despite the seriousness of such stuff, now that he has hindsight, he feels this makes him a rather interesting chap. Looking at the World as it is now, is I'm sure enough to drive the best of us crazy.


Given that we’ve had indyref, a general election and Jeremy Corbyn since the last Edinburgh Fringe, you might expect there to be more self-confessed “political” comedians around this year. Oh, a lot of acts will dip a toe in “UKIP are nasty” shallows, but it takes someone like John Scott to dive in head-first and punch every hideous sea creature he meets right between the eyes. Before you know it, he’s chewed up and spat out austerity, Margaret Thatcher, the paedophile scandal, benefit fraud, racism, class, homophobia, Mhairi Black and a sneezing attack on a bus (ok, the last one isn’t strictly political, but it is a great anecdote, so worth a mention). He reserves a special venom for Tony Blair and the invasion of Iraq but somehow, filtered through his comedy-club delivery, it doesn’t feel like a soapbox diatribe or a trendy-leftie ticking off: this is political comedy built from the grassroots up, an informed opinion column with a spiky sense of humour.


Almost all of his material is intelligent and considered, a mix of thoughtful and incisive political satire, personal anecdotes and general observations. And it’s all delivered in a marvellous Scottish accent (some things are just funnier in a Scottish accent).

Confidently told hilarious tales of class-based woe. Nothing missed the mark in a superb set where every story was expertly crafted before being subverted with a killer punch line. After practicing comedy for five arduous years, expect to see his name somewhere big very soon.

John Scott is an excellent comic and this is without doubt the first step on the road to a long and successful career in comedy."

“Among the top 5 comedians emerging from Scotland.”

“Always plays a blinder, never hits a dry patch. People were literally in tears of laughter.”

100% BIKER

"We were then treated to John Scott, who is quite possibly one of the funniest Scotsmen alive today." - Whiskey Bob, 100% Biker

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 16, 2017  The Wee Review (previously TV Bomb)
John Scott presents a well-prepared set with two distinctly political themes to an audience split quite literally in two. The Kasbar comprises a stage with chairs arranged at right angles which splits the audience into two separate groups – a move which initially threatens to overwhelm the night’s proceedings. In ensuring that he engages both sides of the room, his comic muscles seem a little stretched and at times he has to remind the crowd that “this is not a rally”, as certain punchlines are met with cheers instead of the more favourable sound of laughter.
Scott gets stuck into the current government, elitism, Trump, critics of Corbyn and his own take on the chequered history of mental health provision in the UK, all the while adding his own Scottish spin. He links austerity and cuts to welfare to his own struggles with wellness but reserves true anger for Conservative government insensitivity and inhumane handling of disability, as he presents an elegant metaphor of an ailing pigeon (with one wing) failing the occupational assessment and only passing it once it has died.
His inclusion of his journey through an initial diagnosis of schizophrenia which then was re-diagnosed some years later as bi-polar could represent an original viewpoint within political comedy, but unfortunately the standard of the material is not consistent. Perhaps a greater focus on his own perception of mental health challenges would bolster this set, but instead it is diluted by understandable but somewhat rote indignation of the current political landscape, which leads to the aforementioned cheers instead of guffaws.
For every interestingly presented observation (see ailing pigeon above) there is a more facile jibe; “I thought Brexit was what happens when a fat bird sits on a chair”. The lively room was perfectly content with the mix of satirical political observations and mental health anecdotes and with the right audience, Scott will deliver a satisfying show. Click Here

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